I will tell you how to make the best fucking coffee so you can go about your day. No bullshit, and this shouldn’t take you longer than 3 minutes and 38 seconds to read 🤓

Long content for the sake of long content is bullshit, and you shouldn’t stand for it, it’s 2022.

Life is too short for bad coffee.

⚠️  Note: This is a work in progress


This website is produced for those who have complete control over the production of their cup of coffee.

If you do not have control over certain aspects (temperature, etc.) due to the device you use, change the things you can control, such as the freshness and grind of the bean.

🧑‍🔬  I urge you to experiment with different variables and find out what you like best. You may like a slightly bitter taste in your coffee (and that's okay). There are nuances to all of these points.

1. Temperature 🔥

The ideal temperature for water is between 85 and 96 degrees Celsius. Generally speaking, you will want to use the upper end. The best temperature is 93 to 96ºC.

We want to extract the natural oils and solubles of the delicious coffee bean without over-extracting it. Over-extracting results in a bitter cup of coffee. The reason for this is that high heat increases the oxidation rate.

If the temperature is too low, you will have a very weak tasting cup of coffee that lacks depth. It will taste bland, maybe even sour.


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